• Ayan Ghosh

These Bluetooth wireless earbuds will blow your mind!

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

Are you still using wired headphones?

I found it very difficult to be using these while I go for my morning run or work out! They keep falling off my ear and restricts swift mobility. Another danger is, since these are wire to my iPhone often or my iPod, they sometimes fall off my pocket!

I've been experimenting the a couple of bluetooth wireless earbuds lately, and found that they omit issues that I faced with the traditional earphones.

First, I bought the Bose Sound Sport Free (Retails for Rs 18,990) and found them to be quite helpful as they solved the issue of swift movement. The sound clarity is great (it's Bose ☺️). I usually listen to rhythmic instrumental and found the sound clarity to be far superior to my old Sennheiser / JBLs.

The drawback is the size and wight of the earbuds. It heavy & big, looks a bit freaky with two buds pooping out of the ear (like common!).

Another observation I quickly made was that while on a tele-call, both the earbuds don't work, only the right one does 😮, as it's the masker device! It's kind of like holding the phone next to your ear and listening, but I was hoping something a bit more superior in terms of experience for this price point.

Also very often, I found some bit of problems with regards to bluetooth connectivity! Sometimes, the right (master) connects and the left one doesn't! 😠

Later on, probably after 6-8 week of using the Bose, I purchased the Bang & Olufsen E8 (Retails for Rs 24,990) & boy were they lifesavers!! 😀

What you notice first is that the size of these earbuds are reasonable. You don't look weird and most importantly your ears don't hurt while plugging them to your ear canal for too long.

The sound quality is outstanding, both while listening to music or while on calls. However, I wish the quality of lower notes were just a bit better. There are no connectivity issue at all in my experience.

Unlike the Bose, these E8s have multi-functionality touch buttons, which means you don't have to keep hammering on those buttons 😊. Pheww!!

If I were to recommend one I would definitely choose the Bang & Olufsen E8. Despite of the Rs 6,000 difference against the Bose, the value for money is better.

Higher sound clarity, excellent connectivity, multi-touch features make it my favourite device so far!

Probably a few things you would want to keep in mind -

  1. Their battery life is not the best, both range for approximately 4 - 4.5 hours.

  2. Both come with easily rechargeable case - Bose: 10 hrs extra & the E8: ~8 hrs extra

  3. If you are using for video streaming (YouTube, Netflix, etc) you are better off with the traditional wired earphones. The audio lag is very upsetting!!

  4. You probably would want to wait it out a few years before you purchase these, of course unless you are extremely tech-savvy!

  5. The price point of both, a tiny bit on the higher side. Probably wait for a discount or festive offer!

Hope you enjoyed my review on these products. Please feel free to comment with your experience or thoughts.


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