• Ayan Ghosh

What’s BANT? Have you tried GPCT...

Updated: Aug 28, 2018

BANT (Budget, Authority, Need, Timeframe)... Introduced by IBM a long, long time ago revolutionised how leads were qualified.

This used to work very well!

Today however, with the power drifting away from the seller towards the buyer, thanks to information availability due to internet & mobile penetration, BANT isn’t enough anymore.

Have you ever wanted to be qualified as a lead? How infuriating is it when a sales person asks you ‘are you the right person to make that decision?” or “Do you need this software or accounting service?”.

HubSpot, a $100 million company that preaches the ‘Inbound Methodology’ introduced a new framework called GPCT.

Today, BANT doesn’t work...

Let’s begin by understanding what GPCT is –

Try this framework and you might just start improving those leads that you qualify!

Here are some qualifying questions that you might want to ask –

  1. What would be your top priority in 2018?

  2. Which are in sales or marketing is your company focusing on?

  3. What resources are you using to achieve those goals?

  4. Do you have the internal expertise to deal with challenge 1, challenge 2... etc.?

  5. Is hitting this goal a priority right now?

  6. How soon would you want to achieve this goal?

Embracing GPCT will help you or your sales team qualify better leads thus enhance your sales pipeline and help you achieve those sales numbers!

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